November 11, 2015

Martial Arts Improves Grades

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Have you thought about enrolling your child into an extracurricular activity, but you are not sure how it will affect their grades? Extracurricular activities, including martial arts, improve time management, social skills, and grades. Kids and parents know the class schedule typically attending two to three days per week. This schedule allows time to plan for homework and study time, preferably before martial arts class. Kids benefit from being around other kids. Activities outside of school let them burn energy and build new lifetime friendships.

Students know that by joining an outside activity, a higher level of academic achievement is expected of them. Typically, sports, including martial arts, require a minimum grade by which to participate. This grade requirement is A/B grades and good school attendance. Grades are reviewed with the student each quarter as part of applying for belt testing. Young students must acquire the approval of their school teacher as well. Developing good habits of attendance and attention in martial arts class carries over into academia.

The school year is starting soon. What are your kids doing after school? Our After School Martial Arts Program provides pickup, homework time, and martial arts class each day throughout the school year. Kids will enjoy an extracurricular activity that they love and build a well-rounded background to include on future college applications.

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