January 11, 2016

My #fitfam

010 fitfam

Kyosanim Andrew, Mr. & Mrs. Key

#fitfam You have heard this hashtag recently as slang to refer to fit families. Families today are not only trying to eat better but exercise together as well. In today’s overweight overstressed society, how can we breakthrough to self-improvement without sacrificing family time? Martial arts is a physical and mental activity that benefits both kids and adults alike. Since martial arts classes are not divided by gender or age, such as sports teams, parents are able to enjoy this activity with their kids with ease.

Am I too old? We hear this question frequently from adults. The answer – absolutely not! Soft style martial arts such as Hapkido and Taekwon-do are easier on the joints than running or weight lifting. Combined with stretching, adults in martial arts classes gain flexibility over time.

010.1 fitfam hapkido

Hapkido, Fall 2015

Another aspect of #fitfam is the community support. Have you tried to reach a goal on your own yet you run into roadblocks? Whether in person or online, we tend to seek like-minded people to help cheer us through the slow times. The martial arts community has amazing comradery within a school and across styles. The sense of pride and accomplishment of a martial arts student is shared no matter the background. Community support can be in the form of help with the curriculum or calling on a friend to meet them in class.

010.2 fitfam tkd

Taekwon-do, Fall 2015

Here at Greenville Martial Art Center, we welcome families of all kinds; siblings, parents-kids, and spouses. Beyond the literal term of family, we consider each member part of our #MartialArtsFitFam.

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