January 18, 2016

Comparing Martial Arts, Running, and Yoga

You are interested in adding exercise to your routine, but with so many options, which activity should you choose? There are team sports and individual activities. For the working professional or someone with a family, a class or group might be preferred to join. Let’s compare a few popular activities, martial arts, running, and yoga.

011.1 martial arts

Calories burned will be slightly different for everyone, but as a general comparison one will burn 700 calories per one hour of martial arts class. Martial arts class includes a variety of workouts to increase the heart rate through cardio and increase flexibility through stretching. Whether class includes forms, strikes, or sparring the student is active throughout class both learning and improving technique.

011.2 running

Running is one of the most aerobic exercises. An hour of running will burn 560 calories. This amount is for a moderate pace. Benefits of running include weight loss, increased cardio vascular and respiratory health, and improved mental health. Running is an activity that may be trained solo, but popular running events include 5Ks, mud run, and even a marathon.

011.3 yoga

Yoga through movement and poses will burn around 300 calories. There are hundreds of poses including ones that will increase metabolism, energy, and flexibility. By targeting muscle groups, strength and flexibility are improved with minimal risk of injury.

Martial arts combines self-defense, cardio, and stretching in a fun group environment improving both physical and mental health. Fitness comes in many shapes and sizes. Try martial arts for an engaging activity that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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