April 7, 2016

A Typical Hapkido Class

A typical Hapkido class begins with stretching and light warm-up to get the blood flowing. We practice five each of basic punches, kicks, and elbow strikes to continue warm-up and start the basic building blocks of Hapkido. Forms incorporate deep stances and accurate strikes and blocks. Practical self-defense skills comprise of pull away from a wrist grab, joint locks, and throws. Advanced self-defense skills include kick blocks, hip throws, and choke escapes. The remainder of class is a mixture of sparring and specialty techniques.

Through circular motion, Hapkido techniques take away size disadvantages. Small joint locks enable one to control and guide their opponent in take-downs. Hapkido students can take-down attackers and escape a bad situation. One does not need physical strength to throw an opponent, only skills focused on pulling them off balance. Hapkido redirects their force to your advantage.

Before reaching black belt level, the focus is practical self-defense techniques. Can you stay calm if someone grabs you unexpectedly? Through regular practice, break away from a wrist grab or even a bear-hug become second nature. At the black belt level, we continue to build on foundation skills but add-in offensive techniques and weapons defense.

Here at Greenville Martial Art Center, we learn similar skills to the ones demonstrated in the video as part of our curriculum, other skills are learned in special seminars with Grandmaster Chang. Experience our school today! Call 864-881-1397 / EMAIL / Special Offer

Video Credit Master Oh Thank you Sir for sharing this video.

Hapkido techniques

Several Hapkido techniques(Master Oh and assistant Nam)

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