April 28, 2016

How much are karate lessons?

F.A.Q. How much are karate lessons? Here at Greenville Martial Art Center tuition is as follows. We do have Special Offers, and we definitely have Family Discounts.

After School $79/week     |     Evening class $135/month

Now, with that information, what are you really buying with karate classes?

Martial Arts Benefits for Kids

002 Benefits for Kids

How does martial arts benefit my child? Through martial arts your child grows both mentally and physically. Mentally, attention and discipline are developed along with physical fitness from being active in a structured setting multiple times per week.

Attention and self-discipline improve through performing instructions from the sensei. The sensei guides students through a specified curriculum including forms and self-defense techniques, all of which require repetition and attention to detail. Slowly but surely, students acquire the knowledge not only to repeat a skill but to, in turn, teach it to younger students. Attention and self-discipline oftentimes carry over from the dojang to all parts of life including school and home. READ MORE

Martial Arts Improves Grades

006 keep-calm-and-get-good-grades

Have you thought about enrolling your child into an extracurricular activity, but you are not sure how it will affect their grades? Extracurricular activities, including martial arts, improve time management, social skills, and grades. Kids and parents know the class schedule typically attending two to three days per week. This schedule allows time to plan for homework and study time, preferably before martial arts class. Kids benefit from being around other kids. Activities outside of school let them burn energy and build new lifetime friendships. Students know that by joining an outside activity, a higher level of academic achievement is expected of them. READ MORE

Martial Arts Develops Leadership

007 Leadership

How do you define leadership? Is it that outgoing person that everyone knows? Is it the person with the most seniority? I meet leaders everyday – young and old, quiet and outgoing – and I see them grow and develop in martial arts class. Over time, many students join class, learn new skills, and have a general good time participating in martial arts. These students have a variety of backgrounds and interests. But out of the crowd, a few will stand out. They are consistent, determined, and passionate. READ MORE



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3 Comments on “How much are karate lessons?

May 23, 2016 at 11:30 pm

This is a perfect activity for my son. I want to divert his attention because he’s always staying at his room and playing games on his gadget. Good day!

May 24, 2016 at 12:43 am

Thank you for the comment. Anyone interested is welcome to meet the instructors and try a class. Drop-ins are welcome; appointments are appreciated. Please call 864-881-1397.

June 1, 2016 at 3:19 am

I’d need to check with you here. Which isn’t something I
normally do! I appreciate reading a post that will get folks think.
Additionally, thanks for letting me to comment!


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