July 15, 2016

Martial Arts Black Belt


What does it mean to be a black belt in a martial arts school? Everyone’s answer will be slightly different. Looking back, without knowing at first it has become a journey not a destination for me.

Starting out as a new martial arts student

I have been practicing martial arts solidly since my senior year in college, but have participated sparingly previously too. So I have always been interested in this activity versus sports or arts. My journey begins when my then friend, now husband, said “Come to this Hapkido class with me.” And that was it. We went and we stayed. We practiced regularly and progressed through the ranks. It is always rewarding to earn a new level and improve upon current skills. Through the guidance of our instructors at the Clemson Hapkido Club and dedication to the journey, together we earned 1st Dan shortly after graduating college.

The real journey begins as a new martial arts instructor

As college graduates, it was time to enter the ‘real world.’ It was time to not only do the job thing, but also to continue practicing a martial arts style that was not taught in the town you lived, #yeahTHATgreenville. Not knowing where the journey would take us, we were given permission to open a school and teach new students. “You do not know what you know, until you teach it.” Slowly and gradually we have met new students and taken them on this journey. We have learned not only how to teach, but how to give of ourselves so that others improve themselves.

A decade later, a martial arts lifestyle

Nearly a decade and a half after starting that first class, our journey continues. Our school welcomes students interested in learning Hapkido, Taekwon-do, and Kali. It is my sincerest hope to not just teach, but to be a role model for our students. To be a safe, consistent, and enjoyable space. To be a black belt with humility, leading by example.

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