July 31, 2016

Discipline in the Classroom

discipline in the classroom

“I want my child to have more discipline.”

Among the benefits of martial art schools for kids is discipline. It comes in many shapes and sizes, but for most people it comes from consistent repetition. Discipline is a mindset; the humility and willingness to listen to others and take instruction. Martial arts helps students to attain this mindset through consistent coaching. At first, discipline appears in the form of repeating the same kick, punch, or stance. But through bowing to the instructor and answering, “Yes, sir,” students become more respectful of martial arts instructors, parents, and school teachers.

It takes a village…

You have heard the saying before, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Greenville Martial Art Center becomes a part of your village but is not here to replace the parents’ part of raising kids. We work together with parents to reinforce good behavior inside and outside of the dojang. Parents are encouraged to come inside, watch, and touch base with the instructors regularly.

Discipline begins with entering the dojang, bowing to the flags and instructors. Bowing is a sign of respect and an open mind to learning. Ego is checked at the door. There is no room for it here. Through practice receiving discipline from the instructor changes to self-discipline, and students are able to recognize and control their own emotions.

The Hapkido Pledge

  1. I’ll absolutely obey instructor, respecting higher ranker and love lower ranker.
  2. I’ll never cause bad reputation among neighborhoods or communities by misusing Hapkido.
  3. I’ll strive to achieve the motto of the school: Truth, Love, Persistence, for the better human society.

Overall, martial arts classes for kids improve their self-discipline and confidence. Improvement is gained one step at a time. Many times a difference is noticed within the course of a few short months. Experience our school by calling 864-881-1397 for a trial class or join our NEWSLETTER.

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