August 9, 2016

MMA Martial Arts Styles

MMA martial arts

Brief History of MMA Martial Arts

MMA martial arts (mixed martial arts) dates back to ancient Greece with events called Pankration. The art of combining striking and grappling fighting styles in the same combat arena and popularized by the Gracie family, Bruce Lee and UFC comes to mind when you hear the term “MMA.”

The Gracie family is known for developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) a grappling dominant martial art. BJJ promotes small opponents successfully overcoming a larger one with take-down techniques and locks. Bruce Lee is considered the “father of mixed martial arts.” He used what he considered to be the best aspects of numerous martial arts and discarded the rest. His system is the style Jeet Kune Do. Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) formed in America in 1993. Initially, a no rules match, competitors of different martial arts styles competed. Today, competitors train in multiple martial art styles, divided by weight categories and added rules for safety.

Greenville Martial Art Center: A Mixed Martial Arts School

So how is it said that GMAC is an MMA school when none of the above combat styles are taught? GMAC teaches three distinct traditional martial arts styles: Wol Ge Kwon Hapkido, Traditional Taekwon-do, and Kali. Multiple martial art styles are taught at the same location; each has a separate and unique curriculum and ranking system.

Hapkido, the way of coordinating energy, focuses on getting an opponent off balance and using their energy to defeat themselves. Throws and joint locks are common place in the curriculum giving a smaller opponent the advantage and an opportunity to escape a dangerous situation. Taekwon-do, the way of the hand and foot, emphasizes clean and fast striking technique. Control is demonstrated at its best when working with partners to perform one-step sparring. Techniques are performed within inches of a sparring partner yet no contact is made. Kali, an indigenous style and driven out of survival necessity, practices with commonplace weapons. The Kali student learns that the weapon is an extension of the hand and searches for disarmament of his opponent. Overall, GMAC has a traditional martial arts experience for a range of ages and interests. Each style is treated with respect and comradery.

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