December 1, 2016

Martial Arts Journey

martial arts journey

Martial Arts Journey

Naomi is a wonderful student whom has recently begun testing for first Dan (black belt.) As her instructor, I was aware that the initial interest was exercise. I am happy to see that through her martial arts journey she has also received the other benefits of martial arts. Naomi is a bright young woman that demonstrates leadership all around.


By Naomi. “I was introduced to Hapkido through my mother. I had just switched from normal schooling to an online education, and she wanted to be sure that I had some form of exercise. She had taken me to a local youth sports center, which was mostly made up of children who wanted extra training before basketball season and was far too intense. So, when she came home one day and told me to get dressed for “Hapkido,” I decided to go with it. I was very nervous and didn’t want to be there, but it did not take long for the classes to become something I looked forward to.

The most important things Hapkido has given me are confidence and exercise. In the beginning, I would get stage fright when asked to do forms with the class, and now I can help with public demonstrations. I’ve learned to meditate if I need to calm my nerves before a large event or if I need to focus on something. I was never an athletic person growing up, but now I enjoy being more active and the benefits it brings to your health. It’s also given me a chance to experience a sense of community. Traveling to Tampa, Florida to help with Taekwondo demonstrations, taking part in tests and the post-test dinner, and meeting students and instructors from the other schools has helped keep me busy and has introduced me to a lot of new people and experiences. My school is very independent and doesn’t have clubs or school trips, but Hapkido has replaced that.”


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