A Typical Hapkido Class

A typical Hapkido class begins with stretching and light warm-up to get the blood flowing. We practice five each of basic punches, kicks, and elbow strikes to continue warm-up and start the basic building blocks of Hapkido. Forms incorporate deep stances and accurate strikes and blocks. Practical self-defense skills comprise of pull away from a […]

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Purpose of Forms

What is the purpose of forms or hyung? Forms are predetermined patterns to help the student practice technique and eventually develop fluid self-defense without thinking about the individual moves. Once the form is learned, it may be practiced by oneself or with a partner. By having a pattern, students may learn in a systematic way […]

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My #fitfam

#fitfam You have heard this hashtag recently as slang to refer to fit families. Families today are not only trying to eat better but exercise together as well. In today’s overweight overstressed society, how can we breakthrough to self-improvement without sacrificing family time? Martial arts is a physical and mental activity that benefits both kids […]

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