Martial Arts Improves Grades

Have you thought about enrolling your child into an extracurricular activity, but you are not sure how it will affect their grades? Extracurricular activities, including martial arts, improve time management, social skills, and grades. Kids and parents know the class schedule typically attending two to three days per week. This schedule allows time to plan […]

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Purpose of Sparring

What is the purpose of sparring? Sparring is free-form fighting and is practiced at different levels. It is included in training typically with a set of rules that safe-guard students from serious injury. Beginner students start by combining basic striking movements with footwork to help them move out of the way of their opponent. Instead […]

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Martial Art Styles Taught at Greenville Martial Art Center

Which Martial Arts styles are taught at Greenville Martial Art Center? Here at GMAC we offer three full curriculums – Taekwon-do, Hapkido, and Kali. Each style offers unique benefits, and all styles study self-defense, improve fitness, reduce stress, and create lifetime friends. Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art which means “The Way of the Hand […]

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Benefits of Stretching

What are the benefits of stretching? There are two types of stretching, dynamic and static, both which are beneficial when completed properly. Stretching is not the warm-up. Literally, warm up the body first with light movement which will increase the body temperature. A good warm up will use exercises of similar motion to your workout. […]

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Martial Arts Benefits for Kids

How does martial arts benefit my child? Through martial arts your child grows both mentally and physically. Mentally, attention and discipline are developed along with physical fitness from being active in a structured setting multiple times per week. Attention and self-discipline improve through performing instructions from the sensei. The sensei guides students through a specified […]

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What is Martial Arts?

What is martial arts? Is it physical, is it mental, or is it just for kids? Do you immediately think of fancy fight scenes in the movies? Martial arts has a long history dating back to centuries B.C. The term martial arts literally means arts of Mars after the Roman god of war, Mars. Through […]

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