Taekwon-do 1st Florida Cup Tournament 2016

We traveled to Melbourne, Florida to participate in the First Florida Cup Tournament of 2016. Students and instructors competed in forms, breaking, and sparring. Several people from the Traditional Taekwon-do Center group placed in each category. A good time was had by all, finished up with pizza on the beach. See you at the next […]

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Purpose of Sparring

What is the purpose of sparring? Sparring is free-form fighting and is practiced at different levels. It is included in training typically with a set of rules that safe-guard students from serious injury. Beginner students start by combining basic striking movements with footwork to help them move out of the way of their opponent. Instead […]

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What is Martial Arts?

What is martial arts? Is it physical, is it mental, or is it just for kids? Do you immediately think of fancy fight scenes in the movies? Martial arts has a long history dating back to centuries B.C. The term martial arts literally means arts of Mars after the Roman god of war, Mars. Through […]

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