My #fitfam

#fitfam You have heard this hashtag recently as slang to refer to fit families. Families today are not only trying to eat better but exercise together as well. In today’s overweight overstressed society, how can we breakthrough to self-improvement without sacrificing family time? Martial arts is a physical and mental activity that benefits both kids […]

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Martial Arts Benefits for Kids

How does martial arts benefit my child? Through martial arts your child grows both mentally and physically. Mentally, attention and discipline are developed along with physical fitness from being active in a structured setting multiple times per week. Attention and self-discipline improve through performing instructions from the sensei. The sensei guides students through a specified […]

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What is Martial Arts?

What is martial arts? Is it physical, is it mental, or is it just for kids? Do you immediately think of fancy fight scenes in the movies? Martial arts has a long history dating back to centuries B.C. The term martial arts literally means arts of Mars after the Roman god of war, Mars. Through […]

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