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Martial Arts Journey

martial arts journey

Martial Arts Journey Naomi is a wonderful student whom has recently begun testing for first Dan (black belt.) As her instructor, I was aware that the initial interest was exercise. I am happy to see that through her martial arts journey she has also received the other benefits of martial arts. Naomi is a bright […]

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MMA Martial Arts Styles

MMA martial arts

Brief History of MMA Martial Arts MMA martial arts (mixed martial arts) dates back to ancient Greece with events called Pankration. The art of combining striking and grappling fighting styles in the same combat arena and popularized by the Gracie family, Bruce Lee and UFC comes to mind when you hear the term “MMA.” The […]

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After School Center

After School Center

After School Martial Arts Center Are your kids becoming a leader after school? Here at Greenville Martial Art’s After School Center our after school martial arts program provides pickup, homework time, and Taekwon-do class each day. Kids are not simply watched from the end of school until you can pick them up to go home. […]

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Discipline in the Classroom

discipline in the classroom

“I want my child to have more discipline.” Among the benefits of martial art schools for kids is discipline. It comes in many shapes and sizes, but for most people it comes from consistent repetition. Discipline is a mindset; the humility and willingness to listen to others and take instruction. Martial arts helps students to […]

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