With expert instruction in both Taekwondo and Hapkido, our students learn the art of striking, kicking, and self-defense techniques. Whether you seek discipline, fitness, or self-confidence, our school offers a holistic approach to Korean martial arts to all ages!

We are the 2024 Kaboom First Place winners in the Martial Arts Category

A heartfelt thank you for your pivotal role in making Greenville Martial Art Center a success! Your dedication, passion, and hard work have shaped our thriving community. Together, we've achieved incredible milestones, and we're grateful to have each of you as part of our martial arts family. Here's to continued growth, shared victories, and the fantastic journey ahead!


Our Little Tigers classes are designed for kids ages 4-6 years old. Kids at this age need special attention and instruction to learn Martial Arts as effectively as possible. These classes teach kids the basics and fundamentals they need in a fun and exciting environment. As a parent you know a fun environment makes learning a lot easier for kids. Our amazing instructors keep the classes fun and do so without compromising on the instruction.


Our week-night and Saturday programs feature two different martial art styles: Taekwon-do and Hapkido for families and groups of all ages. They each have their own distinct curriculum and ranking system. The night program is open to both kids and adults.

Martial arts programs at GMAC are open to youth, adults, and families featuring two different martial art styles: Hapkido & Taekwon-do. Each of the two styles have their own distinct curriculum and ranking system.


Hapkido is a Korean martial art which includes strikes, forms, and practical self-defense techniques. Hapkido teaches a unique set of main skills to subdue and escape an opponent through joint locks and throws. A few sets of techniques include defense against wrist grabs and hugging. All Hapkido skills are designed to subdue an opponent without causing serious injury. Classes are offered for ages 7 and up.


Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art which means “The Way of the Hand and Foot” and practices self-defense, forms, free sparring, and breaking combinations. Taekwon-do is characterized by fast strikes yet control of movements. Since there is no contact, a student demonstrates technique through a series of one step combinations and board breaking. Classes start as young as 4 years old with the Little Tigers program.


GMAC’s Winter/Spring/Summer Day Camp options include discounts available for the whole family! A family unit is only as strong as what it learns and builds together. Enjoy fitness, team work, and building trust between and among all family members; strengthen the bonds of family through martial arts!

Adult & Family Programs

Martial art programs provide benefits for individual adults including better sleep and concentration, total body workout, and stress relief. Come and build independence as well as community!