The benefits of practicing martial arts include better sleep and concentration, total body workout, and stress relief. With today’s busy schedules, everyone can use a time to recharge their personal energy.

Physical Fitness

Practicing martial arts offers a rigorous and challenging workout. Through conditioning exercises involving the entire body, martial arts promote quickness, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Its emphasis on technique and body-control also provide invaluable training for those active in other sports from soccer and hockey to tennis and golf.

Mental Discipline

The body and the mind work together while practicing martial arts to deliver powerful, timely, and effective techniques. As a result, various forms of martial arts are as challenging mentally as they are physically. Improved focus and concentration are two benefits which result from the study and practice of martial arts.


By mastering many different skills at each level, students learn to set and achieve personal goals. The positive experiences, together with the confidence they gain from becoming physically fit and mentally sharp, combined to give them self-confidence, pride, and a positive outlook when faced with life’s challenges.


Our week night and Saturday programs feature two different martial art styles: Taekwon-do and Hapkido. They each have their own distinct curriculum and ranking system. The night program is open to both kids and adults. Click here to see the weekly schedule.


Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art which means “The Way of the Hand and Foot” and practices self-defense, forms, free sparring, and breaking combinations. Taekwon-do is characterized by fast strikes yet control of movements. Since there is no contact, a student demonstrates technique through a series of one step combinations and board breaking…


Hapkido is a Korean martial art which includes strikes, forms, and practical self-defense techniques. Hapkido teaches a unique set of main skills to subdue and escape an opponent through joint locks and throws. A few sets of techniques include defense against wrist grabs and hugging. All Hapkido skills are designed to subdue an opponent without causing serious injury…