Whether it’s after school or summer and winter breaks, your child will learn life lessons that will stay with them forever through physical fitness, mental focus, self discipline, confidence and leadership skills; it’s a real life experience!


Discounts available for a whole family! A family unit is only as strong as what it learns and builds together. Enjoy fitness, team work, and building trust between and among all family members; strengthen the bonds of family through martial arts!


Martial art programs provide benefits for individual adults including better sleep and concentration, total body workout, and stress relief. Come and build independence as well as community!

Chang’s Hapkido

Grand Master Gedo Chang originally learned Hapkido from his father, a Buddhist monk. He was also a contemporary of Master Ji. In his twenties Master Chang left the mountains of Chungnam province and the monastery he had grown up in. Arriving in the city he became formally recognised as a master (1964) by the newly created Korean Hapkido Association. He then opened his school in Korea and called it Wol Ge Kwan which means “The Victor’s Laurel”. He was the first to develop Hapkido techniques specifically for police personnel. His teaching abilities so impressed the Korean Government, that they created a special award for “Best Martial Arts Instructor”, and presented it to Master Chang. In 1973, Master Chang moved to the United States of America and settled in Lombard, Illinois where he opened his first U.S. School, “Chang’s Hapkido Academy”. Since then he has demonstrated and taught throughout the USA and is currently President of the World Hapkido Union.

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